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Because Coffee is Awesome

Welcome to EnjoyJava!

We’re Bryan and Dena Haines and we are Enjoy Java.

Here’s what you can expect on Enjoy Java:

enjoy java dena haines
Hi, I’m Dena Haines. Welcome to our site!
  • How to Make Coffee: Learn the skills and methods for making a great cup of coffee. We cover the basic (drip and Americano) to the advanced (double brewed, cold brew, and Turkish).
  • Types of Coffee: Learn about the many ways to brew a strong cup of coffee. To get started, check out this guide to 79 most popular types of coffee.
  • Coffee Beans: Learn about the different types of beans, roasts, and grinds.

Here’s to your next cup of great coffee!

Enjoy Java is run by Dena and Bryan Haines – a married team of coffee lovers.

Why Trust Enjoy Java?

We are coffee lovers. We try local coffee everywhere we visit. And we enjoy trying roasts and beans from around the world.

We’ve enjoyed Cuban coffee in Miami’s Little Havana, Venezuelan espresso in Margarita Island, and the exclusive, locally-grown Galapagos coffee on our trips to the enchanted islands.

At home, we regularly make coffee with various methods, including a Moka pot, espresso machine, pour-over, drip, Chemex, Keurig, and even a coffee sock.

How to Make Coffee

It’s great to know the types of coffee, but how do you make them? Here are our 30 guides to making great coffee.

Learn how to make cold brew, Americano, cowboy coffee, double-brewed, and a great cup of strong coffee.

Types of Coffee

Feeling adventurous? In these guides, you’ll learn about the many ways of making a great cup of coffee.

Here are the different types of coffee explained.

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are the single most important component of great coffee. It’s even more important than the coffee gear you use.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing, roasting, grinding, and brewing the best coffee beans.

Coffee and Health

How does coffee affect our health? These guides teach you how to keep your gear clean for the best-tasting and safe coffee.

Plus, learn about potassium and caffeine in coffee, how to sweeten coffee naturally, and how long coffee lasts.

Here are our latest posts and a map of every guide on our site.