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how to make an americano

How to Make an Americano at Home: 3 Easy Methods, 3 Variations

If you're like me, you'll probably have your first Americano coffee at a cafe. Here's how to make an Americano at home. You'll learn 3 methods, plus recipes for 3 tasty variations on the classic Americano. An Americano is a ...
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what is an americano

What is an Americano? Origin, Compared to 5 Other Coffee Drinks

Walking into any coffee shop can be a little confusing. There are so many different names for each drink and it seems like they all are made with the same ingredients. What is an Americano? Here's your quick guide. Plus ...
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how many ounces in a cup of coffee

How Many Ounces in a Cup of Coffee? Standard +17 More Sizes (3 Coffee Shops)

Knowing how many ounces in a cup of coffee helps make quality brew and measure caffeine. In this post, you'll learn the standard coffee cup size. Plus, we'll compare cup sizes of 3 coffee shops: Starbucks, Dunkin', and Tim Hortons ...
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americano vs coffee

Americano vs Drip Coffee: 3 Key Differences (Brew, Caffeine, Flavor)

Stop by a coffee shop and you'll have a decision. Americano vs Coffee? Here are the three main differences between Americano coffee and the traditional brewed, drip coffee from North America. Americanos are made with espresso shots and water, while ...
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java coffee

A Quick History of Java Coffee: Why is Coffee Called Java?

The origin story of java coffee is a tale of smuggling, colonization, and exportation. What is java coffee? And why is coffee called java? Learn the history of your favorite drink in this quick history. The term java, which is ...
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potassium in coffee

How Much Potassium in Coffee? Regular, Decaf, Instant, 6 Additives

Curious about potassium in coffee? We'll break down the amount of potassium in coffee - regular, decaf, and instant. Plus the amount of potassium in 6 common coffee additives. We also compare coffee potassium versus other common foods. An 8 ...
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what is arabica coffee

What is Arabica Coffee? Arabica vs. Robusta: 11 Tasty Differences

Curious about the differences of arabica vs. robusta? Arabica coffee is the world's most popular type of coffee. In this post, we're going to talk about all things arabica - ...
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cat poop coffee

Poop Coffee: Guide to Beans Pooped by Civets, Birds, Coatis & Elephants

Have you ever heard of cat poop coffee? What about Jacu bird coffee or Black Ivory Coffee? In this post, I'll cover these strange specialty coffees made with beans first-eaten ...
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coffee jokes puns

95 Coffee Jokes, Puns, & Riddles to Make Even Baristas Laugh

Welcome to our huge collection of coffee jokes. This set of jokes, puns, and riddles are perfect to drop on your barista at Starbucks or your friends at your local ...
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how to make coffee

How to Make Coffee: 17 Best Coffee Brewing Methods (Ultimate Recipe Guide)

Most of us know at least one way to make coffee, right? But if you're like me you want to know how to make coffee in lots of ways because ...
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how many cups of coffee in a pound

How Many Cups of Coffee in a Pound? (Chart of 6 Brew Methods)

So just how many cups of coffee are in a pound of coffee beans? And how does brew method, strength, and roast affect it? In this post, I dive pretty ...
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coffee in italian

How to Order Coffee in Italian (12 Ways) Plus Vocab and Expressions

So you're heading to an Italian cafe and want to order coffee like a local? In this guide, you'll learn how to order coffee in Italian. Plus tons of other ...
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