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coffee in france

How to Order Coffee in French (9 Ways) Plus Vocab and Expressions

So you’re heading to a French cafe and want to order coffee like a local? In this guide, you’ll learn how to order coffee in French. Plus tons of other expressions, vocabulary, and specifics about ordering coffee drinks in France ...
French Press vs Espresso

French Press vs Espresso: 5 Key Differences (Flavor, Brewing, Gear)

Do you love the rich, bold flavor of espresso but also enjoy a more mellow cup? If so, then it’s time to explore the key differences between French press vs espresso coffee. Both types of brewing have their own distinct ...
What Are Demitasse Cups

What Are Demitasse Cups? Half-Cup Guide (Size, Use, Origin)

A demitasse is French for "half cup". It is a small cup used to serve espresso. The term typically refers to the volume of coffee, although it can also refer to the actual coffee. Demitasse is also known as demi-tasse ...
how to make turkish coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee (Cezve): Simple 5-Step Recipe

Turkish coffee is made in a beautiful cezve, coffee pot. It is known for being very strong coffee. Here's how to make Turkish coffee at home. You'll use very fine coffee grounds and a low coffee to water ratio. This ...
how to make instant taste better

How to Make Instant Coffee Taste Better: 7 Tips for Great Flavor

Making instant coffee isn't super complicated. But when you learn how to make instant coffee correctly, you'll be surprised how much better it tastes. To make it correctly, it takes longer than an instant. But not by much. This guide ...
how to make bripe coffee

How to Make Bripe Coffee: 7 Simple Steps for a Strong Brew

The Bripe is a coffee brew pipe. Developed to quickly brew a shot of coffee on the go, the Bripe is lightweight and simple. Here's how to make Bripe coffee. This guide is part of our How to Make Coffee series. Photo ...

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how many cups of coffee in a pound

How Many Cups of Coffee in a Pound? (Chart of 6 Brew Methods)

So just how many cups of coffee are in a pound of coffee beans? And how do brew method, strength, and roast affect it? In this post, I dive pretty ...
coffee in italian

How to Order Coffee in Italian (12 Ways) Plus Vocab and Expressions

So you're heading to an Italian cafe and want to order coffee like a local? In this guide, you'll learn how to order coffee in Italian. Plus tons of other ...
words that describe coffee

241 Flavorful Words to Describe Coffee (Plus Synonyms, Lingo, Slang)

Do you know many words to describe coffee? To help you up your game here is the largest collection of relevant descriptive words for coffee. They include the words for ...
how to make cold brew coffee french press

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home (3 Recipes) Ratios, Tips, Benefits

Want to learn how to make cold brew coffee at home? Here are 3 super easy recipes (mason jar, french press, Toddy). I also include ratios, benefits, and tips for ...
how to make good iced coffee

How to Make Iced Coffee [Best Way, Fast Way] Plus Tips and 12 Recipes

Want to learn how to make iced coffee? Perfect. I've set out to create the best resource about how to make iced coffee at home. In this post, you'll learn ...
different kinds of coffee drinks

79 Types of Coffee (Definitive Guide) Drinks, Beans, Names, Roasts

Ready to expand your coffee knowledge and delight your taste buds? In this huge guide, you'll learn about 79 types of coffee. You'll find the most popular, types of coffee ...

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